VPNLoader keeps a permanent connection to your VPN

Actual version: 1.0

Main features

Reconnecting after computer wake up

VPNLoader renew the VPN connection automatically after wake up

Restoring the VPN after internet connection failure

If an Internet connection is not available, VPNLoader is waiting to recovery and immediately connect the VPN

Growl notifications support

You are informed about connecting,  connection renewing and disconnecting  by the Growl notifications

PowerPC and Intel version avalaible

No matter what type of processor or Mac OS X you are using

Consuming a minimum of system resources

VPNLoader is easy for CPU and memory

Takes up minimal space on the disk

VPNLoader does not waste space on your disk, its size is less than 1MB

Simple configuration and using

Setup and using of the program is quite intuitive

Is totally free

VPNLoader is a freeware. Please support the further development of any amount.

About VPNLoader

VPNLoader exists due to the need to resolve an unpleasant feature of native VPN client in Mac OS X: inability to automatically reconnect to the VPN after a long time of sleep of computer or after failure of Internet connection. After long hours of googling, when I failed to find any comprehensive solution, I decided to create a custom application that would be able to circumvent this problem. I went through dozens of scripts which I found on Internet forums, where hundreds of Mac OS X users address the same problem as me. It is surprising that Apple is not responding to their calls many years.

Even if I had practically no experience with scripting using AppleScript, I began to work and after several days I had done the first functional version. After further improving, the app is here in a version which you can download and try now. VPNLoader is available in English and Czech, in versions for Intel and PowerPC. Application should work on any version of Mac OS X without any problem. I have tested it in versions 10.5 Leopard and 10.7 Lion.

Although you can download VPNLoader for free, its development costs me significant time. Therefore, I will be very pleased if you appreciate my effort by sending any amount through PayPal (1USD ≐ 20CZK, 1EUR ≐ 25CZK). For error reports or general questions about VPNLoader please use this address. Thank you.